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egarding why shows like Gossip Girl and The Hills are so popular.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking surrounding the fame fascination. Not that this entire blog isn’t dedicated to that but more specifically so, I’ve been considering why it is that the general public is so infatuated with celebrity. In other words, I’ve been trying to think in the reverse. Instead of pondering about what celebrities do with their platform, and what kind of power they hold in owning said platform, I’ve been thinking about what gives them the platform in the first place.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Hollywood dream is actually not as appealing from a fame and fortune standpoint. I think young people are recognizing the pitfalls of celebrity via the missteps of Lindsay Lohan or Heidi Montag, for example. I think more so, the fascination is subconscious.

I believe that when a tween watches a show catered to their demographic, like Gossip Girl, there is more to the captivation than simply wishing they could be Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, or Chace Crawford. In actuality, I think they’re wishing they could live a little more like Serena, Blair, or Nate. I give young people a lot of credit, and I think kids are smarter than adults credit them to be. A normal teenager doesn’t do as much pondering on the subject as say I do, though, and so I think the line is somewhat blurred between actor and character. I’m not going to knock the viewer but what I will say is that maybe, for some, the best, and most logical, way to turn “pining for a more interesting life” into “living a more interesting life” is to try to break into Hollywood as an aspiring actor.

On the surface it’s, “if I get a role on Gossip Girl, I’ll be a celebrity.” Subconsciously the thought is, “if i get a role on Gossip Girl, I will live a life of excitement, adventure, wealth, romance, etc… as my character. My life will be perfect because, surrounded by chaos and drama, I’ll fall in love with someone who actually cares... like my character.”

but they’ll probably never realize that.